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Here we have compiled a treasure trove of information about the Roader – Time Machine Camera. Technical inquiries? Check. Shipping and billing basics? Yep. Still stumped? Shoot us a note at support@roader.com, and we will do our best to get you an answer ASAP.


What is Roader?

Roader is the wearable Time Machine Camera that records 10 seconds ago. It enables you to choose the moments you want to keep, savor and share, even if they occurred in the past. When you see something interesting, you press once on the camera and a video from 10 seconds ago and the following 10 seconds will be recorded and send automatically to your smartphone, ready for social sharing.

Why is Roader a different camera?

How does Roader work?

Why do I need the Roader camera?

What does Time Machine Camera mean?

What is the Power Lanyard?

Is Roader waterproof?


How does the pre-order work?

When can I buy Roader?

Where can I buy Roader?

How much will a Roader cost?

Do you ship anywhere in the world?

How about warranties?


What do the different lighting sequences mean on my Roader?

What is Car Mode?


Do I need a Charger?


What’s the resolution of my recorded videos?

Is there a build in microphone?

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